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Descarta yearned for adventure. If only she'd known what that truly meant.

Adventure has a habit of not making meetings. A habit of relinquishing those unfortunate souls swept up in its thrill—no matter how wet behind the ears—to misadventure. Misadventure is far less negligent. It'd rather stick around; share a tragedy or two.

Historic tales of legend tend to gloss over the nature of adventure in favor of glory and romance. As a queen imprisoned in her own castle, wed to a king she scarcely remembers or cares for, those embellished tales are all that keep Descarta going. She doesn't have the luxury or mercy of real world experience.

So when she finally embarks on the journey she's long pined for, Descarta is sorely ill-prepared. The very people she once despised or feared become her only means of survival in a world that wants to swallow her up—a dark, pernicious world where anyone in their right mind would avoid adventure.

So it is that misadventure comes hard and heavy to the girl. But if she can remain strong in the harsh face of reality, Descarta will come to find that even love and friendship can blossom within ruin. She'll discover that her place in history is more far-reaching than anything contained in her tomes.


The opening story to a sometimes-flippant, sometimes-grim sword & sorcery series that challenges morality and the boundaries of love. Follow a cast of eccentric, complex characters—from elves with severe personality disorders to a caretaker of time and space—as they brave worlds and leave lasting changes in their wake.


Buy Now$1.95 USD or more

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